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The world is changing and so do the way it works. It is quite important for a fast-growing business to have a flexible task force, leveraging benefits ranging from low cost, improved quality, and service innovation.


    • Boost the development capabilities by getting the right technical expertise quickly.
    • Access to skilled professionals around the globe and mitigate the risk of talent shortages.
    • Reduced operating costs by ensuring the same quality standards.
    • Focus on your core business processes and utilize internal resources on expanding the business.
    • Options to choose between onshore or offshore or mix business models
    • Get better support and sometimes it can be 24/7/365.


    • ATCON provide you the IT experts Flexible Team and remote developers to give a competitive edge to your business.
    • With our passion for quality and attitude to deliver something extra, you will have a best experience in working with a trusted partner.
    • We deliver IT offshoring services to manage not only your backend activities but also development activities.
    • Our teams can be available on-site, remoteor in a combination that signifies your needs.


Our offering is divided into 3 different setups. Depending on your business needs, it can be combined or expanded with another models.

Flex Pool:

Hire technical experts on a temporary basis that gives extra hands to deliver and manage project deadlines
  • Easy and smooth process of hiring technical experts. You share job description profile, we suggest right candidates, you interview candidate (if needed) and get started as soon as possible.
  • We provide experts with vast domain and technical knowledge and on ad-hoc basis.
  • Overall project planning and team management stay under your control and we ensure flexible staffing with quality deliverable.

Project Unit:

Dedicated squad of experts that understand your business requirements and turn them into reality using agile methodology.
  • Based on your requirements, we propose focused team consisting delivery lead, project manager, functional analysts, solution architect, developers, and QA engineers.
  • We drive projects with continuous delivery mode following agile methodology and industry standards.
  • End-to-end support from organizing requirement workshops and planning project activities to deliver a project offering post-go-live maintenance and support.

Your Own Team:

Support your company’s vision with an exclusive model of building your own team of experts at offshore locations.
  • Utilizing our extensive IT experience and global network, we work as your trusted partner on a longer-term basis to establish an offshore development center and enhance your technical potency to do more.
  • We take all the overhead to buy real estate/infrastructure, manage administration, hire talents, coach them, and ensure it becomes fully operational.
  • This way you can concentrate on growing your business and the resources works towards achieving company goals – just another part of your team in different geography!


Global Network

Access to skilled professionals around the globe and don't get restricted to the availability of local talent.

Effective Communication

We maintain clear and concise communication that helps you to manage the projects effectively. All our experts are quite well-versed with English language and fluent in conveying the required information.

Cost Benefit with Quality

We offer ideal costs since our focus is to server youbetter and not just money making. Ensuring appropriate quality standards and customer satisfaction is our motto.

Quick Start and Accelerate

You can hire necessary resources within weeks or sometimes withing 4-5 days. We will support you in aligning your teams, technology, and business processes.


Kindly fill the form and mention all the details, so our specialists will review and reach out to you as soon as possible.

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